Slim disc type with slot :
– No distortion of the elastomers
– Minimization of the foreign body sensation
No unexpected movement of the elastomers along the slot
Irrespective of directions (Left/Right)


– Omnidirectional force loading
– Up to 0.022˝ X 0.028˝ orthodontic wires

Accurate and Controllable Teeth Movement

– Crown-lingual Tipping
– Root-lingual Movement
– Adjustable Length of Power Arms

Two types of controlled anterior retraction movements

Anterior retraction movements which can be predicted,
simulated or even mainpulated by different lengths of
power arm in sliding
mechanics force system.
Sheau Soon  Sia, Tatsunori Shibazaki, Yoshiyuki Koga,
Noriaki Yoshida Biological mechanisms of Tooth
Eruption, Resorption and Movement Speedy, accurate
and controllable anterior teeth retraction by an
improved method :
a sliding mechanics force system with power arms
p 297-303, 2006